Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Easter Sales Promotion

  Easter is Here, and CozyWow is Celebrating. 

     To celebrate Easter, everything at CozyWow is 50 percent  off now, and shoppers can get an extra $5 Easter coupon.  

       In addition, CozyWow still provides customers free shipping.       


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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Why CozyWow ?

Why CozyWow?

The CozyWow Smart Self-Balancing Scooter is the new kid on the block when it comes to self balancing hoverboards. Then, why choose CozyWow? www.cozywow.com    

The cost of new technology is always high, so self balancing boards have been pretty expensive thus far. Fortunately,  CozyWow comes with its affordable price. It retails around $360. In addition, it provides customers free shipping.        www.cozywow.com

The CozyWow is probably the best looking smart self balancing scooter we’ve seen. It looks sleek and it features an on-board Bluetooth speaker. Basically, you can pair it with your phone, and listen to your favorite music while you cruise along.  Equipped with super bright LED lights, it makes you very cool in the dark. What’s more, the colorful marquee ,adding so much fun for riding.        www.cozywow.com

CozyWow performances well, with a full charge it has a range of roughly 20km and even a highest speed at 12km/hr. Its max horsepower can climb 30-degree slopes, by sensing your weight flexible changing, for any angle of the flexible steering.       www.cozywow.com

Is it safe enough? Yes, absolutely! Our batteries are all from Samsung and LG, they are also UL, CE and VN 38.3 certified. The built-in advanced gyroscope ---- the application of high-tech core, ensure the safety of riding process. The large non-slip pedals, which was made of high quality materials, concave and convex type design, close to the foot, so you can enjoy riding.       www.cozywow.com

That's why CozyWow!Come and Join us!www.cozywow.com